Saturday, 2 July 2011

Get hold of Interstitial Cystitis with D-mannose

Urgency of passing urine, burning sensation while urinating, and blood in urine - these are some of the prominent signs of interstitial cystitis. On a long-term basis, this condition might give rise to some serious health problems like pain in the genital organ and an awful smelling discharge from them. Interstitial cystitis can be treated easily if you adopt the right measures at the right time. D-mannose is a herbal preparation that has come forth has a hope of relief from this condition the past few years. Studies performed on the causative factors that led to this infectious condition state that its E.coli bacterium that is responsible for causing 90% of urinary tract infection.  D-mannose handles this bacterium well in the body by flushing it out from the urinary tract. As its mode of action is completely different from that of the regular antibiotics, there are very minimal chances of the bacteria to develop resistance against it. By following the recommended doses of D-mannose tablets or capsules, the patients can look forward to a speedy and satisfactory relief from this condition. Interstitial cystitis (IC) or "painful bladder syndrome" can set into our body at any age. Nevertheless, it does exhibit some bias in the genders. For instance, women are more prone to developing interstitial cystitis than men. Interstitial cystitis holds you back from carrying out many basic tasks of every day life like driving or working for long hours on the desk. By flushing out E.coli, D-mannose helps the urinary bladder to regain its normal functioning. The selectiveness of D-mannose preparation can be estimated from the fact that it attracts only E.coli bacteria of the tract before flushing them out with urine and not the healthy/good bacteria of the gut. Also, the other elements used in the preparation of D-mannose tablets and capsules are completely natural and cause no harm to any organ of the body. It is for this reason that this preparation can be safely advised for kids too. Kids who suffer with cystitis are given a lower dose of D-mannose tablets than the one that given for the adults. The bothersome symptoms of interstitial cystitis can be managed with ease with the use of D-mannose after the recommended dose of this herbal preparation has been followed for approx. 3 months in a row. Nonetheless, it always pays to be cautious about the development of any disease ad take rightful measures for preventing the same. The preventive measures that can be adopted for preventing this disease are drinking lot of water, using pills with omega-3 element in them in diet and including fiber-rich foods in diet. Also, a follow-up dose of D-mannose is important after a person has suffered the flare of cystitis infection. It is therefore recommendable to consume 1-2 tablets in a month after a satisfactory relief from this condition has been received. D-mannose works best when it’s opted for at an early stage of interstitial cystitis and can forefend the chances of bladder surgery.

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