Monday, 27 June 2011

Crucial role of D-mannose tablets in Bladder Infections

D-mannose is a powerful herbal formulation that contains the natural sugar mannose as the key component. D-mannose tablets can be one of the safest options to go for in the instance of bladder infection. Bladder infections can give a major setback to the overall health status of the body as they spread to various other organs of the body within no time of their occurrence. In contrast to the synthetically prepared antibiotics like Macrobid/nitrofurantoin, D-mannose tablets extend the medicinal vantage of relieving bladder infections without inducing any side effects into the body and are therefore safer for use in the prophylactic cases of UTI’s. The commonest side effects that can be experienced after a long-term use of synthetically prepared antibiotics are joint problems, fatigued muscles, dizziness, tingling sensations etc. Despite of the presence of mannose sugar in D-mannose tablets, diabetic individuals can be sure of zero fluctuations in sugar levels as the sugar element of this formulation is neither metabolized nor absorbed into the body at all. Yet another arena where D-mannose tablets score over antibiotics is that of bacterial resistance. E.coli - the causative bacteria of bladder infections might become resistant to the anti-bacterial action of synthetically prepared antibiotics over a period of time but not to that of D-mannose tablets. D-mannose traps the bacteria and prevents it from entering into the bladder and adhering to the walls of the bladder. After the E.coli bacterium has got stuck onto the molecules of D-mannose, it gets flushed out of the urinary system. D-mannose selectively traps the harmful bacteria and not the good bacteria of the GI tract. The rate at which D-mannose travels through the blood stream is eight times slower than the glucose which therefore gives it sufficient time for trapping maximum number of bacteria to its molecules in every dose. After the intake of repeated dosages of D-mannose, the urinary system comes back to its normal form. D-mannose can be as a preventative measure too for avoiding the setting in of recurrent bladder infections. When consumed as a preventive measure, one D-mannose tablet of 500 mg is supposed to be consumed in a day. Preventive dose of D-mannose is especially recommended in patients with an immunocompromised status like the ones who suffer with AIDS or in expectant mothers who have experienced the episodes of bladder infections in the past. D-Mannose tablets are safe for use in pregnant females. D-Mannose owns the worldwide reputation of curing more than 90% cases of urinary tract infections. Regular intake of D-mannose tablets can save you from the hassles and pain of catheterization and indwelling supra-pubic tubes. This herbal formulation responds well to bladder infections in the people of all ages. The symptoms of even severest forms of chronic bladder infections can be felt relived by the patients within a time span of 3 months. D-mannose tablets improve the quality of your lifestyle by setting you free of the botherations of bladder infection or of any plausible side effects that might be induced into the body by antibiotics.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Important differences between D-mannose and Cranberry Juice extracts

D-mannose is an essential component of cranberry. Nonetheless, cranberries extracts lack the required levels of sugar for extending the same effect. Also, cranberry juice raise the ph levels of blood and can potentially worsen an existent infection of the body. It’s for these reasons that D-Mannose is considered more effective against bladder infections than cranberry extracts. Decent doses of D-mannose powder can flush out bacteria that cause UTI within no time.  The usual dose of D-mannose recommended for adults is of 1/2 teaspoon after a time gap of every 2-3 hours during the day. D-mannose is a more economical option than cranberry. The anti-bacterial effect supplied by few grams of D-mannose would require the intake of tons of cranberry juice. Cranberry juice contains excessive amounts of sugar and indirectly promotes the overgrowth of yeast. Mannose is a suitable variant of natural sugar that does not allow yeast overgrowth. Cranberry juice extracts can prove to be useful in cases wherein an individual is looking forward to preventing the setting in of cystitis or urinary tract infection. Cranberries and D-mannose target the harmful bacteria named E.coli and not the healthy bacteria of the gut. E. coli can also be found in the cases of food poisoning or people who have recently undergone a surgical treatment of urethra in which the use of catheter was involved. The antibacterial effect of D-mannose does get enhanced when it is consumed along with cranberry juice. This combination helps in the dilution of urine and therefore prevents it from becoming acidic due to the presence of bacteria. Cranberry cocktails and mocktails enhance the palatability factor and therefore encourage the patient to consume the recommended doses of D-mannose powder or tablets without facing boredom. Saccharin is a more preferable sugar substitute than crystalline sugar for sweetening the cocktail/mocktail. D-Mannose can be used for longer durations too like for months without bothering about the setting in of any side effects. It’s for this reason that D-Mannose powder and tablets are safely prescribed for chronic and recurrent bladder infections by physicians all over the world. Comparative study performed on the urine samples of individuals who consumed D-mannose and the individuals who consumed cranberry juice for a week showed more improved results in the D-mannose cases. It is important to mange the level of stress in every day life for obtaining appropriate results from this unique herbal formulation. Stress can lower immune status of the body to a major extent and can therefore lower the medicinal effect of D-mannose and cranberry juice extracts too.   Cranberry juice extracts can be a suitable preventive option for cystitis or urinary tract infection but once the infection has set in its D-mannose that can relieve you of the bacteria, its toxins and infection symptoms. Cranberry juice extracts require approx. 2 weeks time for manifesting their anti-bacterial effects in full form and D-mannose requires a couple of hours for acquiring the same objective. Undoubtedly, D-mannose has made its way into the heart of medical industry and of satisfied customers within no time.