Friday, 7 October 2011

Are D-mannose capsules safe for use in Dogs and Cats?

UTI is a predominant ailment that has made its way not only into humans but also in dogs and cats lately. Nevertheless, just like the spread of bladder infection is widespread, so is the action of D-mannose that is equally effectual in humans as well as animals. D-mannose capsules can prove to be a stronger and healthier alternative to antibiotics. This sugary formulation comes with zero side effects and maximum resistance to a broad range of bacteria. Pets who have been afflicted with bladder infection encounter several other health problems too like pancreatitis, high blood pressure, and anaemia. One of the foremost symptoms that can be looked out for when a dog or cat is suffering with a UTI is frequent urination. UTI has been given a specific name when it afflicts the dogs - Canine kidney disease. The foremost measure that can be adopted by a dog owner once he/she is affirmative of the fact that the pet has a health problem is of taking it to a vet. Once the vet has confirmed the onset of canine kidney disease, the pet owners are supposed to take care of the dietary regime of the pets. For instance, the pets are supposed to be fed with a diet that is low in protein and phosphorus. D-mannose capsules are effectual enough to take care of the vicious symptoms of canine kidney disease in your best-loved pets. Nevertheless, it is always advisable to consider an appointment with the vet and opting for d-mannose capsules at an earlier stage of UTI. D-mannose capsules are completely natural and therefore pet owners do not have to bother about the allergies that might possible set into them with the use of a new synthetically prepared product. In fact, the effectualness of this product can be witnessed right after the first dose. D-mannose enters the body of pets and gets embedded in the lining epithelial cells of urinary bladder. By doing so, the molecules of d-mannose preoccupy the spaces in the bladder region that would have been otherwise colonized by the bladder infection causing bacteria. As a result the bacteria remain suspended in the urine and the next time the dog goes for micturating, the bacteria get flushed out of the body along with d-mannose molecules. Once the symptoms of canine kidney disease have been subsided, the dose of D-mannose capsules is gradually withdrawn by the professional vets. The usual time that's taken by d-mannose to overcome UTI in pets is 1-2 weeks. D-mannose capsules are capable of preventing the setting in of further bouts of high-frequency kidney and bladder infections in pets. D-mannose can be especially useful in female pets that are pregnant and have got inflicted with canine kidney disease. Use of antibiotics in such a crucial condition in dogs and cats is strictly contraindicated. To conclude, D-mannose can not only be safe but more effectual alternative to commercial antibiotics for getting over with canine kidney disease during any phase of their lives.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Diet modifications for enhancing D-mannose effectualness in Bladder Infection

Bladder infection can make its way into our body during any phase of our life. Nevertheless, it can one of there most terrible disease to get inflicted with at any time. The commonest age group that has been found afflicted with this sort of infection is of 30s to 40s. By causing inflammation in the lining of the bladder wall, this infectious state induces tremendous pain in the urethral region of the afflicted patient. D-mannose is a herbal preparation that can put an end to the agony of bladder infection but then it does require the patient to put in some effort from his/her end to let the outcomes of the recovery come forth as soon as possible. In fact, patients who have been chronic sufferers of bladder infection can get rid of this ail with ease without undergoing any form of surgical intervention. The food stuffs that might augment the feel of irritation in the lining of bladder walls are aged cheese that is approx. 6 months old, artificial sweeteners, caffeine, chocolates and citrus juices. Some patients continue to experience the sensation of burn while urinating even after the infection has been duly subsided by D-mannose due to the presence of the aforementioned food stuffs in diet plan. Bladder infection can be a tough ailment to handle at young age like in childhood. Recently, many kids as young as 4 years of age have been investigated for and diagnosed with bladder infection in many continents. The worst part about getting inflicted with this form of infection at such a young age is shortage of paediatric urologists in many continents. In fact, the terrible symptoms of bladder infection can severely jeopardize the quality of lifestyle of the patients and in younger patients to affect the quality of academic performance too. In adults, pelvic pain caused by bladder infection can lower the quality of sex life. Nevertheless, opting for herbal alternatives like D-mannose and abstaining from the food stuffs that contain high amounts of nitrites could offer relief from bladder infection within no time. Food stuffs that contain high amount of nitrites are fava beans, lima beans, and processed meat. A prominent feature that has been found in the patients with long-standing bladder infection is the presence of Hunner’s Ulcers. Hunner's ulcer is specific form of ulcer that can be found on the surface of bladder walls when acidic urine has passed through the bladder several times. Nevertheless, the onset of such lesions can be avoided by altering diet plan and removing foods and beverages from the diet that aggravate the symptoms of bladder infection. There are times when people aren't bale to appreciate the benefits of D-mannose preparations to the fullest because they do not abstain from the food stuffs that worsen the state of bladder infection. To conclude, D-mannose benefits can be availed to the fullest within a short span of time of its intake by slightly altering dietary habits.