Thursday, 25 October 2012

A Brief Intro of Probiotics

Probiotics are the live microbes that are on contemplation to be valuable for host organisms. According to world health organization, their definition is "Live microorganisms when administered in the adequate amounts present a fitness benefit for host". Bifidobacteria and lactic acid bacteria are the kinds of microbes which are most commonly used as probiotics. Sometimes bacilli and yeasts are also used. They are used at times alones and sometimes with antibiotics for treatment of bladder infections. Bladder infections are caused by bacteria mainly by E. coli which are better treated using probiotics as they strengthen human immune system to give to the bladder from bacteria causing infections.

Forms available in market: Supplements containing probiotics are available in market. They contain lactobacillus acidophilus. But not to be used and considered unsafe in pregnancy. Also it is not safe for persons having weak immune system. Another negative point is that lactose intolerant suffer disturbance in their gastro intestinal tract. These supplements are available both in liquid and tablet form. Labeling helps you to understand the dosage suitable for you. In case of gastro intestinal disturbance reduce your dose to relax your stomach. Split the dose over the day rather taking it at one time.

Tips to use: Continue their use until your urinary tract infection gets treated or if you are having intermittent urinary tract infections then add it in your daily routine. Always drink as much water as you can in order to ensure complete removal of injurious bacteria from the body in the form of urine. Always try to store probiotics in the refrigerator to retain its effectiveness. Beside their use in urinary tract infections they are also used at many other places too. So your job is to take probiotics according to your need and avoid over dosage because it may disturbs your GIT.

Friendly bacteria: They are called friendly bacteria as they boost up human immune system and fight against bad bacteria of the human body that can produce disease. Inside the body, probiotics produce unfriendly atmosphere for the bad bacteria of the body. They are used in combo with antibiotics many times. Antibiotics can’t distinguish between good and bad bacteria. Kill both good and bad bacteria so the balance of normal bacteria will be disturbed which is maintained by lactobacillus. They are available in tablet, powder, capsules and sachet forms. Fortified foods and fermented dairy products also contain them.

Uses: They are used for many purposes. Vaginal infections, diarrhea prevention, maintaining balance of friendly bacteria in body, treatment of chronic constipation, improves lactose tolerance in lactose intolerant, reduces risks of pollen allergies, betters digestion, ulcerative colitis and crohn’s disease, improves immune system, treats high levels of cholesterol and reduces chances of childhood eczema. Probiotics are also found in breast milk, tomatoes, honey, onions, bananas, barley, wheat and garlic. Milk and yogurts containing live strains of lacto bacillus are also useful for treatment. Dried and live both strains are available. They are best stored in refrigerator but some types can also be kept without refrigeration so always check storage conditions before buying.

Brief Introduction of Bladder infections

A balloon shaped sac located in the lower abdomen of human body where urine and stool is stored until secretion is called bladder. It is located at the pelvis floor. The urine comes into bladder from kidneys by ureters and then excreted via urethra. To avoid bladder infections always try to maintain good hygiene and also take all necessary precautions in order to escape damage to the kidneys. One must be aware how to treat bladder infections primarily if not then immediately visit your physician. Bladder is a delicate organ needs care to carry out its normal function. If waste products are not removed from the body via bladder they produce extremely hazardous affects on body.

Women are more prone: Infections related to bladder are chiefly due to inflammation in bladder known as cystitis. Occurring very rarely in men but occurs frequently common in women. Around 20% of women experience bladder infections once in their life time. The chances of infections in bladder increase with time and age in men. The reason behind it is the enlargement in the size of the prostate with age. The women are more prone to these infection don’t know why as compared to men.

Reason why women are more prone: Still doctors are not sure about the exact reason but they think that the reason why women are more sensitive to bladder infections is that the tube which excretes urine from the bladder called urethra is shorter in women than men. That’s why bacteria reach immediately to bladder in women than men.  The length of urethra in women is one and a half inch so bacteria reaches quickly into the bladder and develops infection there. Sometimes bacteria come into bladder from anus and vagina as they are much closed to bladder in women. So it is better to maintain proper hygiene to lessen chances of bladder infections.

Complications: Generally bladder infections are not considered serious if they are treated on time. But in some individuals they come again and again. For them regular use of antibiotics is beneficial. Very hardly they lead to develop bladder infections. Kidney infections are complicated ones and the damage they cause to kidney is irreparable. So try to treat infections in bladder on priority level and take sufficient steps to avoid these infections. Recurrent infections are an alarm that you must have to consult specialist to lesson chances of damages that may be unbearable to your body.

Diagnosis, prevention and treatment: Elderly people are difficult to diagnose as they have rare symptoms and if any minor symptoms are present people relate it to age factor. If you have any such types of infections then you must consult physician must rather than self medication. Diagnostic tools are analysis of urine, urine culture and urine microscopy. Bladder infections are generally due to bacteria so antibiotic treatment is started first. But try to maintain hygiene, wash your lower part properly after every secretion. Pass urine and wash after every sexual intercourse. Use of cranberry juice is also beneficial. 

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Things To Know About Urine Infection

Medical sciences have got lots of advances in the field of human problems and now they have such technologies that have the abilities to diagnose diseases and are also looking forward to get treatments of such diseases that are not treated well nowadays. The medical world has got achievements in resolving many diseases which is a good sign but this has also invented such diseases that look too minor but they may cause severe effects on one’s heath and urine infection is among those diseases.

Overview on Urine Infection
Urine infection is that infection which involves the kidney, ureters, bladder and urethra. This urine Infection is caused in two ways, first when the bacterium gets into the kidney travels down the blood to the urinary tract and the second one is when the bacterium gets through the urethra. This infection also caused due to the low intake of water that allow bacterium to get into bladder and make the infected situation worst.

Causes of urine infection
The most common cause of urine infection is E. coli bacterial strains which are in habitual to the colon, fungi; parasites (Trichomonas, schistosoma) also cause that infection. The interruption and impedance during the flow of urine, enlarged prostate, anatomical abnormalities, not washing or flushing urine, retrogation urine to reach bladder and pathogens, damage immune system, are quite the harmful reasons for having the infection. Antibiotic restrictions, use of condoms and diaphragm, spermicidal foam, frequent sexual activity are the basic causes of getting infection.

Symptoms of Urine Infection
The urine Infection varies according to the age and the particular location of the tract. The major symptom that seems is the frequent urge of urine, getting dark or cloudy urine, having unpleasant odor, feeling bloated pain in lower abdomen, dysuria, rectal, testicular, penile, and vomiting with pain. In infants, it gets into by lethargic, hypothermia, poor feeding and diarrhea. Suprapubic pain is also the major symptom of getting this infection.

Treatments for Urine Infection
Treatments for Urine Infection are designed by doctor’s susceptibility of pathogens. People should use antibiotics for this infection bring to end. The treatment may change for every person having different sex, age and health. Moreover the pregnant ladies and pediatric patients should not use antibiotic as self medication. Patients may use OTC products like Uristate containing medicines like Pyridium, Urogesic that provide relief in the pain of bladder. 

One should contact the doctor for this infection. Mostly doctors prescribed antibiotics that must be taken in at proper timings and period. If one wants to come to know that his infection gets cleared so he/she should give urine as a sample to doctor to test. Urine Infection can be avoided by anyone If they are living clean and tidy life, drink plenty of water every day, start avoiding alcoholic drinks and spicy foods, take juices which are rich in vitamins, they can easily prevent themselves with this disease. If it is unchecked it further gives rise to lead problems and acquire kidney stone, kidney pain as well as urine infection.

Bladder Infection - Diagnostic Disease That Has Treatment

Here in this era of fast moving activities, people are showing much interest towards their health because everybody wants to cheer his life with complete health and this can be possible only if, when the basics related to the particular disease that may affect their health are in their knowledge. Most of the people are aware about many disease and for this, they have also attempted remedial steps to overcome it but sometimes a bit carelessness can cause severe problems to their health and among those diseases, the most common disease which nowadays come in front of the people as the most harmful disease for them is Bladder Infection.

First the basic thing to learn is that what actually this disease is and what are its symptoms, causes, risk, treatment, prevention and remedial steps. Bladder Infection is also called cystitis or inflammation that is common in all gene which causes by bacteria that makes path a short passageway to get into the urinary tract. The common infection that occurs due to this is urethra, ureters, permanent kidneys damage, kidney stone, bowel incontinence, and catheterization. This infection is not serious but might be dangerous if he/she does not give priority to this infection.

Symptoms of bladder infection

Mostly people have sometime sterile urine that even contain any sort of infection, this will happen when a bacteria enters into urethra that is the part which carries urine from the bladder and then bacteria begins to multiply. Researchers have shown that Bladder Infection mostly caused by Escherichia coli, a bacteria that enters through food to urethra and got infection. The major symptom that this infection happens is extra urine production, pain while urinating, dysuria, spasms means no urine come out, bloody or cloudy urine, taking chills, fever or nausea.

Treatment for Bladder Infection

This infection is quite uncomfortable and also potentially serious. If someone has Bladder Infection then they should consider antibiotics according to the doctor’s prescription like Nitrofurentoin, cephalosporins, sulfa drugs, Tremethoprim or Amoxicillin etc. Take plenty of water, use cranberry juice.

You can also use natural products to treat your infection. Like, you can use baking Soda that is the simplest way for treatment. You just have to add 1 teaspoon into a glass of water. If you want to get best results then you have to use it 3 to a times in a day. Likewise, you can also use Blueberries, Cranberry juice, Pineapples that are the delicious way for the treatment.

Prevent bladder infection

Bladder Infection required such remedial steps:

·         Get empty bladder regularly.
·         Wearing nonbinding g clothes.
·         Away from moist and heat the bladder.
·         Wiping prevent from bacteria around anus.
·         Eating yogurt contain lactobacilli that prevents from this infection.

Bladder Infection is medically curable, the basic thing is just to have the information that how is your health or have to be very cautious even about the very minor health problem as sometimes, this can cause dangerous problems after some time.